Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Introducing: Wordless Wednesdays

I'm started a new thing here that I've seen on other blogs. Wordless Wednesdays is when you post a picture of something as that day's blog post. I think it is a way to help people post regularly that doesn't require that they actually type something.

But you know me, and you know that I am a woman of many words. So I don't know how the whole "wordless" thing will work out. But "Fewer words than usual Wednesday" doesn't really have much of a ring to it.

So here's my picture:

One perk of becoming a parent (other than the adorable baby,) is that you start getting free magazines. This is my second issue of Parenting and the first time in my 31 years that I have ever seen an Asian mommy model and an Asian kid model on the cover of a national magazine. I asked my husband, and he said it was his first time seeing a cover like this too.

The little girl is so cute, and I love the little dress that she is wearing. This magazine cover makes me happy, and I hope to see more like it in the future.


  1. We both started a new Wednesday series on the same Wednesday! Enjoy the magazine.

  2. Yeah. I often look through it and point out to my husband the two or three people of a different race in it. But front cover is big stuff. :)

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I've noticed that the "parents cover child" competition they run has trended towards ethnically "interesting" (for lack of a better word) kids as finalists the last few years. Lots of kids who are probably racially mixed and whose race you definitely can't identify immediately.

    Did you ever buy anything at Motherhood? They have this neat trick of signing you up for a free year of Parents and then using the cc you use at the store to renew....might want to check that out :)

    I think Parenthood is pretty conscious about being somewhat racially diverse, but they're all pretty Pottery Barn Suburban.

  4. You don't have to be a parent to get Parenting Magazine. ;)
    I got it for a full year and didn't know why. When I got the first issue and saw it was addressed to me I freaked out. I thought Parenting Magazine knew something that I didn't! I'm happy to now receive Redbook. :)

  5. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Hey, is this Parenting: early yesrs? My cousin gave me a few copies, and the September issue has a black mother and child on it. Next up, interracial families??