Monday, May 11, 2009


This week's selection for Music Mondays is Amazing by George Michael. I picked this song because 1) I love it and 2) It is the first love song written by a man for another man that I've ever heard. Which I think is pretty sad since I'm 30 ( well, 28 when the song came out.) [ETA: This is probably not the first song that was by a man to another man that I've heard--it's just the first one where the singer explicitly said the song was about another dude.] I heard George perform this song on Oprah and I went right out and bought the CD ( a marketer's dream, no?) Amazing talks about the ups and downs of George's relationship with his partner, Kenny Goss. If you would like to read along with the lyrics, you can do so here.

I think there are a lot of themes in this song that anyone in a loving relationship can relate to, like when George sings, "I think it's amazing, the way that love can set you free." Love is awesome, it truly is what makes life worth living.

So those of you out there lucky enough to be in love, give your significant other a big kiss and a hug. Not tomorrow, today. And those of you still waiting: keep the faith, it'll happen soon enough.

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