Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Taste the rainbow

This is a Starburst commercial I like:

This is a Starburst commercial (that I saw for the first time today,) that I don't like:I probably don't have to tell most of you why I don't like the second one. But if this is your first time reading this blog, I'll give you a quick explanation. A contradiction is something that is "logically incongruous." Being Korean and Scottish is not logically incongrous. It is the belief that it is that leads to instances like the one I describe here. Things like this make my life more annoying.

If you thought the first commercial was hilarious, we should be friends.

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  1. I guess I just don't really get the second one so I just don't like it......Now the first one was funny. My candy talks to me too and tells me to protect it from them. . .

  2. yourwhitefriend2:27 PM

    I don't see what the problem is. I think further marginalizing ethnic minorities by calling them logically incongruous is hilarious! Not to mention albinos, because we all know that skin color determines whether or not you're capable of performing job duties (such as lifeguarding). Way to go Starburst!

    Also, we're already friends, but I do think the first one is pretty funny.

  3. i think it's interesting that the korean scott bagpipe player thinks the juice is in the candy as opposed to his salivary gland.

    i also think commercials are generally offensive and by definition must speak to the lowest common denominator, although i'll say the first one is hilarious if would you read my blog.

  4. We should be friends.

    But you already knew that. ;)

  5. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you!