Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fewer words than usual wednesday--Not!

It's actually Tuesday right now, but I wrote in my planner start blog post so if I write some stuff before I go to sleep, I can put a nice checkmark next to that action item in the morning.

Part of me wants to talk about my last blog post for a minute, but I want to keep to the fewer words part of these wednesday posts. So lets see how concise, yet eloquent I can be ;)

I'm a little concerned that Rebecca was scared away by what I wrote last time. I used her name a lot, and anyone with a name knows that when someone else uses it unexpectedly, it can be kind of jarring and strange. My husband assured me that I was nice in everything that I said. But still, I can think of some little tweaks that I could have made to the post that would have made it better. Part of this has to do with my perfectionistic tendencies. A good illustration of these tendencies is the lengthy debate that went on in my head just now about whether I should say perfectionist or perfectionistic in that sentence.

Another part is just wanting to encourage dialogue/deeper thought yet also wanting to keep people engaged. And I know that sometimes people don't want to stay engaged if they feel uncomfortable. [ Sidenote: R, I am really not talking about you anymore--just working out some of my own issues.]

There's this struggle for me that I think a lot of other bloggers can relate to. You start a blog because you want to express yourself. You get feedback on said blog that makes you feel engaged/connected/energized. But then you struggle with keeping your priorities straight: Is this thing about me expressing myself, or is it about me connecting with other people? What if me expressing myself makes people not want to read anymore? Then what? It's like the whole tree in the forest. Except instead of a tree and the falling, it's a blog, and instead of the forest, it's the internet. You get it.

And then add to this whole thing that I am a black person talking about things that are related to me being black, to an audience that includes a fair amount of white people who don't know a lot about things related to me being black. And I can't care too much what they think, because then my priorities will definitely be getting screwed up. But it would be somewhat ridiculous to say that I don't care at all what the white people think, because they're the ones that do all the racism andiftheydon'tstopdoingtheracismthenwhyamIwritingthisdernthing?

Oh that's right...to express myself.

Well, look at that--I didn't just start a blog post, I finished one! Franklin Covey would be so proud. I think I'll save my intended topic for a separate post. If you'd like to connect with me via comment...feel free to do so.
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  1. Hi DeAnna,
    I was watching the Cuban lady on the Food Channel this morning, and an ad came up for other ethnic food shows. It reminded me that when I was living on the east coast and Chicago, we used the term ethnic for any restaurant that was not American, and we used to talk about authentic ethnic restaurants. So, since most of the world is with people of color, most ethnic food would be associated with people of color. And nobody likes English food anyway. And, there is no authentic ethnic food on the frozen food aisle.