Monday, May 07, 2012

El lunes de musica

Today's music has kind of an interesting story. I was watching a video on youtube and I saw the video below in the sidebar. The reason that I clicked on it is because a couple of years ago, I got a Starbucks free download of the week by the same artist. That song didn't leave that much of an impression on me, but I remembered the artist's name. So I decided to press play, listened and realized it would be a great song to feature on my blog!

So that's a little lesson in how being open to new experiences can lead you to unexpected good things later on.

Ok, watch the video:

Pretty obvious why I picked it, yeah? Positive, uplifting and all that jazz.

If I had one critique of the video it would be this: I wish they would have left the main words from the first t-shirts and associated them with the words from the second t-shirts.

Like fat and fabulous,
black man and successful,
little and capable.

By leaving the main identifiers off of the second t-shirts, Ledisi is subtly reinforcing the idea that those identifiers are inherently bad. This is why people say things like, I don't see you as black and expect you to take it as a compliment. [Sidenote: I understand that people may also mean "This physical characteristic of yours is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about you," so don't freak out if you have ever said the sentence above to someone--it's possible that they still like you. But the interpretation I offered is another way to perceive the statement, so if they gave you the side eye--that's probably why ;)]

So give yourself a round of applause for being you, and leave me a comment if you'd like. Happy Monday (:

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