Sunday, September 08, 2013

The 15th thing you can do to stop being racist.

[Editor's note: The stuff below was originally part of another post. I cut it out because I decided that post was too long. If you'd like to read that post, click here . And if you're wondering what things 1-14 are to stop being racist, click here.]

#15) Read blogs and websites whose target audience are people that are different than you.

Not like this blog (though you should definitely keep reading this one or I'll be sad.) is great, but it really only talks about one thing: -isms. I'm talking about sites that discuss music, current events, fashion, family life, etc. Places where you can read and learn more about different (sub)cultures without having to potentially annoy your one __fill in the blank__ friend by asking him/her questions. You also get to see what said _fill in the blank_ people think and say when talking amongst themselves.

Ok, as I write that last sentence I realize that what I am advocating might seem a little sneaky, but it's really not. On the internet, people know that whatever they say is public. So even if it's a site for say, Asian women--the idea that non-Asian women are not allowed to read is just dumb.

An example would be if you're a guy. I'm not going to give any more examples, because like a Romanian gymnastics coach, you can show me how badly you want it by finding these types of sites on your own.

But a key part to thing #15 is that you don't go there and start trying to take it over by commenting all the time, or asking to write articles, or telling everyone how you agree/disagree with them, or giving unsolicited suggestions on how the site could be improved. That's just annoying.

You're there to watch and learn. You'll get to hear about things that you probably won't hear about from sites that are run by members of the dominant group. And you'll get to hear about things that you are reading about on sites run by the dominant group from what is likely to be a different perspective. You'll also learn that the people on these new sites are just like the people in whatever group you're from--some seem smart and some seem stupid, some seem nice and some seem mean, etc. etc. etc.

If you have anything you think would make a good addition to my list, or you'd just like to leave me a comment--leave me a comment.

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  1. Is this a trap? You said that we shouldn't really comment saying we agree or disagree but then end it with asking for a comment? :)

    I really love reading your site and value your opinion. Speaking of which, the whole 'transfer' thing is going fine for the kids who came and the sending district is making HUGE promises it can't really keep but it does seem they are trying to fix things. They offered every entering kindergarten student who stays in the district $500 to start their 529MOST plan. However, it's pretty well documented the sending district will run out of money by Christmas and won't be able to pay tuition or transportation for their students. I'm certain things will get interesting once the district runs out of funds.

    My oldest (3rd grade) doesn't have any of the transfer kids in her classroom by I think that my youngest (1st grade) has one for certain and I think two. One of which seems really bright but the poor kid always ALWAYS gets into trouble. My son is telling me daily about his antics.