Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fewer words than usual Wednesdays.

First off, I can see that my last post didn't get many views (damn you, no longer existing google reader!) So if you missed that one, click here. Ok, moving on.

This is a picture that I took recently during family meal out night. Long time readers know why I took a picture of it. If you're new, you can click here or here.

Not only is she in the middle, she's dark-skinned to boot. Sweet.

We won't get into the fact that black people probably invented barbecue and that most places you go that sell barbecue (including Dickey's) are owned by white people. Sigh. We really need to step up our "opening our own businesses" game.

Ok, a little googling showed me that black people didn't invent barbecue, but we can all agree that we worked on it and worked on it for many years during slavery, and aren't reaping our share of what I am assuming is a multi-million dollar bbq industry today.

And new reader, before you think it's all our fault that we didn't start opening rib joints en masse as soon as we were freed by proclamation, click here.

Myself, I do plan on opening my own business here in a few years, a psychotherapy practice. I wrote it on this blog, so now I have to make it come true. Tell your friends.

And after you're done, leave me a comment (:


  1. Make it happen, myblackfriend. I'll be first in line as a client.

    That BBQ ad is cute. Also, I finally saw the bi-racial family Cheerios ad today. It was also pretty cute.

  2. Very cool! We also watched the movie "Epic" recently and one of the main characters has dark skin, the Queen. My youngest daughter said she was beautiful. Made me feel good.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM

    That is unusual and good to see. One thing I always notice on ads is how their might be a mixed Asian/White couple but the Asian is almost always the female. And I don't think I've ever seen a African/Asian couple on a commercial.

  4. just to encourage you a little on the barbecue front. :)

    we also have two actual barbecue eating places here run by people who are black. muncie might be winning at barbeque places run by black families. :)

  5. Do u have a fb page to post ur blogs?

  6. Do u have a fb page to post ur blogs?