Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Music Monday Time!

Welcome to another installment of Music Mondays. This week's selection is Dead N[*]gga Blvd. (Pt 1) by Me'Shell Ndegéocello. I was able to find a version on youtube that has the lyrics, which is always a bonus. You should know that this song has a lot of profanity in it, so be forewarned if you're not a fan of cursing. Although I have to say, if you don't like to listen to music with curse words--you're missing out on a lot of great music. Listen actively, and follow along with the lyrics.

A couple things that I want to share...

First, there was some level of apprehension about posting this song, because it appears to be a song that is from a black person talking to other black people about problems that the "black community" has. I think there is always a risk presenting this information to white people, because white people can then say, "See black people, this is all your own problem--not mine. I'm gonna go over here now. doot dee do dee doo..."

I have two responses to that.

First, there are definitely things that black people can do to improve race relations and the inequality that exists in our society. AND, there are definitely things that white people can do to improve race relations and inequality in our society. Everyone has to share in the task, it's not just one group's responsibility.

Second, I think that this song can apply to anyone, regardless of their racial background. The way she keeps asking, "Are you free?"--anyone can answer that question. I really like the focus that this song has on money and how that motivates people to do things that aren't necessarily the best. Because if there is any group that can relate to putting money ahead of other goals-- it's white people.

My favorite line is when she says,

"Perhaps to be free is is to love all those who hate me
And die a beautiful death
Make pretty brown babies"

So ask yourself these questions:

What's your favorite line?
What does freedom look like to you?
Are you free?

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    "Because if there is any group that can relate to putting money ahead of other goals-- it's white people."
    Really? Cuz I gotta say money has never been a big goal of mine, helping people has