Friday, March 06, 2009

They print my message in the Saturday Sun...

This is a video that I want you to watch of an experiment that a high school student did as part of school project:

I think like Kiri says at the end of the video, the goal is not for people to pick the black doll over the white doll as being the "good" doll. I think an ideal situation would be for the kids to say, " I can't make such a judgment based on simply looking at the dolls, I'm going to have to play with them to get to know them better." That my friends, would be a huge step in the right direction.

I would argue that it is indcidents similar to the ones I talk about here, here, and here that contribute to the results that we see in the video. It's all connected, people...

What are your reactions to watching this video? What do you think the results would have been if she asked 21 white children?

If you would like to watch the full documentary (it's only 7 minutes,) you can do so here.


  1. I'm surprised, that's so wierd and saddening! I wonder if the result would be the same all over USA, and would the answers be the same in different parts of Europe!

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM

    It was sad... the moment of hesitation there when she picks up the doll close in color to herself... The one she called "the bad one" moments before.
    I wonder how much of this is something passed from the family, and how much of it the kind of prejudice possibly propagated by the school; like the one we've seen in the famous Blue eye/Brown eye experiment.

  3. you know, in a different way, I can relate to this. My daughter has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and you know how you always want to get her the doll that looks like her....... and yet she ALWAYS chooses the blonde, blue eyed dolls. the 'princess' dolls. drives me nuts!!!! I understand it, and yet it saddens me as well. so when I saw this video, I wasn't surprised, so much as saddened. and it makes a person wonder no?? societies views always come across somehow, no matter how far ahead we think we've come or how little tv we watch..... it seems to be everywhere.

  4. Hey there :-) Thanks for dropping us a kind note. Nice to meet you and love your radical approach! :-) Stay true to what you believe in :-) let's be friends :-)


  5. Findings does not surprise me..
    Generations of human race has fallen into this pit fall and they will continue to do the same..

    To be deceived by the outer appearance..

    Children are no difference.. Probably more honest in expressing their opinion than the adults..

    We must teach children to see the inner beauty but not what is shown to the outside..

    And I agree with the author, on her ideal situation. I too like to see a child say that she like to play and see which is best!

    I'll worship that child :)