Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So, I made up a new word. I made it up because there is a concept that currently isn't being captured by any word in the English language. Kind of like shadenfreude.

I've made up a couple of other words in the past. Like, I say dangernoose instead of dangerous--for no other reason than I think it's funny. Most of my made-up words have something to do with the best cartoon ever, Squidbillies.


The definition of racish is as follows:

Kind of racist.

Racist is such a charged word in our society, that whenever people hear it--they tense up. So the word "racish" was invented to say, "Hey, I'm not really sure I like what you just said/did, let's talk about it in an attempt to understand each other better." People who do or say racish things are not bad people--they don't go to secret meetings or strategize about how they can keep other people down. What they do is occasionally engage in behavior that helps to keep the races apart, instead of bringing them together. This is not a term that only applies to white people--doesn't that make you happy, white people? I thought it would (:

"Hey, when you assume that me and the black person next to me in line are together, even though we haven't said one word to each other--I think that's kind of racish."

"Hey, when you give me a dirty look as soon as I step in the door to spend money in your black-owned business, I think that's kind of racish."

"Hey, just because you voted for Barack Obama doesn't mean you're not a racish."

Isn't this exciting?! I really think this is going to give us a whole new way to discuss race relations. Don't get me wrong, racist things definitely still exist, but I think since we're no longer in the 1950's--a lot of the things that we need to work on are more accurately described as racish.

So, here's how you can help this word establish itself in popular culture.

First--start using it in your own conversations.

Second, go here and give this definition a thumbs up. Perhaps if it gets enough thumbs up it will become the word of the day, and then it'll blow up!

What do you think about the existence of this word?
What other examples of racish things can you come up with?


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    "Hey, I'm not really sure I like what you just said/did, let's talk about it in an attempt to understand each other better."

    I really liked that part, and the fact that you enjoy Squidbillies. Not always my favorite show, but it's still pretty funny most times.

    But to your questions, I like the word, it seems like it could bring about more opportunities for discussion and better understanding of one another. I'm a 'white male' going to Indiana State and I definitely see/hear some racish things happening. Some of what I hear come from the people I know, who are all from small, isolated towns in Indiana. Some of what I see come from the fact that ISU brings in a large population of black students down from the Gary area. It almost seems as though there are 2 different student populations that just don't really interact. Which is unfortunate, as opportunities for growth are being lost, and I'm sure it's due to some racish tendencies on both sides.

  2. I love -ish words. I'm totally racish. But myblackfriend is going to fix that.

  3. I also enjoy making new words. My words, however, are not this meaningful/profound. I love it! (or as I say 'I luz it.')

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Love it. My mother is definately rasich All asians being musical geniusus, her old neighborhood being where "the blacks live now" and what not. I try very hard not to be but I"m sure I step in the big stinky pile on accident sometimes.

  5. Anonymous4:18 PM

    My mother, too, has made all kinds of racish statements. They have resonated in my mind throughout my adult life. Ridiculous stuff when you think about it. She believes black people evolved from apes, but white people evolved from dogs...I'm serious. She justifies it by saying their wet hair smells like wet dog. When relaying a story about anyone she doesn't know, she will ask "Is he/she white?"

    I'm sure I am racish, but I am working on it. I was fortunate enough to escape my all-black environment as a young adult, so the racist and racish ideas were tempered by my own positive experiences with white people. I still have trust issues, though, with white people I don't know well.

    Racish is a word that probably fits most everyone you meet. I don't believe people are color-blind. What do you say, black friend?

  6. I love making up new words. Mike made up one that we use all the time: droggy (groggy + dragging). I will do my best to incorporate "racish" from now on.

    Oh, here's another one I made up that I've actually seen used elsewhere: tanorexic (people who think they are not tan enough but really are).

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I love words and I cannot lie! "racish" is a much needed word. When I wrote this post, few ppl said that the lady I mentioned was being "racist" and I didn't agree. Just racish and not courteous when calling my food stank as I fed it to my little ones...and making me feel that National Geographic vibe...:http://ajummama.com/2014/07/22/when-that-fck-you-slips-out/

  8. I discovered the word "racish" independently to describe someone who is preoccupied with race. A good analog would be "selfish" as one being preoccupied with self.