Monday, February 09, 2015

The Best of


There was a time in my combo English and Social Studies class in high school where I was talking to my friend Reagan about life. She told me that if she ever put out a compilation CD, she would call it The Best of Reagan, instead of Reagan's Greatest Hits. That way, she could put the songs she liked the most, which wouldn't necessarily be the most popular ones. I always thought that was a great idea, and so I am going to use it now. I also reserve the right use it if I put out a compilation CD of all my favorite musical performances.

So without further ado, here is the best of, as chosen by me.

Disc 1
1. A black guy and a biker walk into a bar.

2. My take on an awesome poem by Daniel Beatty.

3. The word I made up.

4. Ah, the Swagger Wagon. You'll have to click in the post where it says minstrel show, if you want to know what we're all talking about. (Hint: It's something quite similar to a minstrel show.)

5. Why school funding will always be unequal.

6. An unarmed black guy you probably didn't hear about on the Nightly News. #handsupdontshoot

7. One of my favorite Music Mondays. Bonus points to the person who can tell me what it has to do with race and inequality.

8.What Nas and Newt Gingrich have in common.

9. You are excluded from chicken cutlet night.

10. Starburst yes vs. Starburst no.

11.How to stop being racist (for reals this time.)

Disc 2

1. Why you shouldn't expect compassion when dealing with your privilege.

2. More adverts like this, please.

3. Why calling things/people ethnic is unnecessary.

4. Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions.

5. My thoughts on that song that LL Cool J and Brad Paisley did. The link to hear the song is broken, but you can still read the lyrics. Hearing the actual song is really not that necessary. :P

6. Some responses to my most dedicated commenter, Anonymous.

7. Another awesome commercial.

8. Why hearing black is beautiful shouldn't scare you.

9. Taylor Swift's revenge: Part II

10. Why people don't want to vote for Mitt Romney

11.It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand.

12. And finally, where it all began...My first post.

Now, for an important announcement. I am finished writing new posts for My time here has come to its natural end. To quote Marvin from Season 5 of Big Brother, "It's been real and it's been fun, but it a'int been real fun." ;)

To be honest, I have met some great people through this blog (both in real life and just on the computer). I'm really happy for the opportunity that I gave myself to think more critically about my own views on race and inequality. And I hope that you have gotten something out of this blog over the years. If you'd like to say somewhat in touch, you can like this blog on Facebook, otherwise this is where we say our goodbyes.

If I may quote one more person. Well, he's a monster...Murray from Sesame Street...




  1. Chunk Hatzumomo3:33 PM

    The blog will be missed. The tragedy of the internet is that true quality never seems get noticed, rather everything drowns in the ocean of mediocrity. Rest assured that this blog was true quality. At least its out there, like a message in a bottle, floating on top of the ocean...

  2. Donna A.4:55 PM

    I hope one day you will reconsider.